Patio Laying Bridgwater

Here at Wepave, we can design and fit patios in Bridgwater and the nearby areas.

Our team of experts have significant experience in fitting bespoke patios in gardens of every scale and shape. Whether you want to turn your garden into a practical space, or add character to your garden, we can meet your needs. 

We offer first-class workmanship and customer service, all for an affordable price. Moreover, we take into consideration your individual wishes to ensure your new patio meets your high expectations. Contact our helpful team today for more information.

Patio Contractors & Services

Make us your number one choice for patio laying. With Wepave, you can have confidence that you will receive a quality service. We can source a wide variety of paving slabs in various finishes and shades. Moreover, if you are unsure on the sort of paving you would like, our experienced team will happily advise you and offer recommendations. Patios offer numerous benefits to a property. Not only will our patio installations improve the appearance of your property but give you additional space for entertaining guests and dining. No matter the shape of your garden, we can design patios in your preferred style, in the material of your choosing. We offer a range of other landscaping services as well including paving and driveways.

Patio Ideas

Here at Wepave, we have no lack in patio ideas. We have extensive experience in the industry, so we can develop patio solutions that you may not have even imagined possible. Our expert ideas can help you to make the most of the space you have available and add a fresh new look to your garden or outdoor area.

How We Price Our Patios

Are you concerned about your patio cost? There is no need to worry if you purchase your new patio from us. Here at our company, we keep your individual budget in mind when designing your patio to ensure affordable solutions. Moreover, we maintain a high standard of service, while keeping our installations competitively priced. Price depends on your selected materials and size specifications, which means we can create a personalised and bespoke patio for your garden that doesn’t break the bank.

Patio Contractors Quotes & Prices

Contact Wepave today if you need to install patios in Bridgwater or a nearby area. Our team of professionals have extensive industry experience, which means you’ll get the best quality for competitive prices. No project is too ambitious for us, so give us a call today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what you need from your patio. Concrete is inexpensive and survivable, but prone to cracks and not as aesthetically pleasing as other options. Stone is more expensive, but a popular choice for their sophisticated and polished look. They won’t crack, but can be dangerous to traverse dangerous when wet. Every material has its caveats, so it’s important to know your options before you decide. That’s why you should contact one of our friendly experts on 01278588145 for advice and support.

You should aim to wash your patio 3-4 times a year to optimise its longevity. However, you don’t need expensive cleaning products to keep your patio healthy. Washing-up liquid and lukewarm water do the job admirably, as will more simple solutions, like baking soda and water. It’s better to avoid anything doused in heavy chemicals that will destroy your patio or reduce its lifespan.

The short answer is yes. The long answer, however, is more complicated. There are a variety of methods you can install to prevent your patio from flooding. It’s important for preventing long-term damage, as well as weeds and other moisture-loving organisms from encroaching on your foundations. As some patio materials are naturally impermeable (like concrete), it’s vital that you have proper drainage mechanics in place. Soakways, popup drains and permeable surfaces are all great for rerouting water.

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